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ATM Prairie Instant Cash ATM locations accept all major credit cards  including Visa, Visa Plus, MasterCard, Cirrus, Discover, Miles Discover, BMO MasterCard, MBNA MasterCard, and American Express.

Also included for all ATM Prairie Instant Cash Inc. locations are Prepaid Cards, Visa, Visa (Green Dot), Pexcard Visa, Account Now Visa, Wired Plastic Visa, UP Visa, Vision Premier Visa, Ready Platinum Visa, Ready Visa, BMO MasterCard, Smart MasterCard, Green Dot MasterCard, Western Union MasterCard, Exact MasterCard, Account Now MasterCard, and many, many more.

Visa, Visa Plus, MasterCard, and Cirrus are the most popular, however Discover cards are the second largest cardholders from the USA, and Prepaid Cards are becoming very, very popular in Canada.
ATM Prairie Instant Cash Inc. is one of Manitoba's largest locally owned and operated ATM companies. We are measured by our response to our existing clients and the excellent service we provide.

Established in 2002, ATM Prairie Instant Cash Inc. sells, leases, rents, and finances ATM machines.  We are a full service ATM company and an authorized distributor of the Triton ® ATM’s product line.
With our partnership with TNS and the Interac ® network, we offer secure transactions for our clients and 24/7 monitoring and emergency response service.

ATM Prairie Instant Cash Inc. has the best coverage across Manitoba, with our head office located in Swan River, Manitoba and also has an office/warehouse & show room in Winnipeg. We currently have staff and representation in Portage la Prairie and Brandon.


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